Warranty Information

Warranty Information

  • All music boxes manufactured by Nichols Electronics Co. are guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
  • Music boxes must be returned to Nichols Electronics Co for warranty repair at the customers expense. Unit will be repaired and returned to the customer at Nichols Electronics expense.
  • Any abuse, intentional misuse or attempts at non-factory repair will void this warranty.
  • Please call before returning units to Nichols Electronics for repair. The most common cause for music boxes not functioning is faulty installation. We can usually resolve this by providing advice over the phone, saving the time and expense of returning the unit.
  • Speakers, Safety Swing Arms and all other items not manufactured by Nichols Electronics Co are covered by the item's original manufacturer. (Please call for details) The above mentioned items are not covered by the Nichols Electronics Co warranty.


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