Omni 2 Music Box (32 songs)

Omni 2 Music Box (32 songs)

The Omni 2 music box is a completely new design introduced in 2018. Like the original Omni, the Omni 2 music box contains 32 songs. We have carefully selected the song list to include several of the most popular tunes from our original Omni as well as most of the tunes from the Digital II unit. Those 16 songs can be found on Channel 1.

Channel 2 is a uniquely designed mixture of 16 songs in the old-style mechanical music format. Some of those song titles are the same on both Channel 1 and 2 but they are very different versions.


Song Titles Contained on the Omni 2 Model (click on highlighted for song preview)


         Channel 1                                    Channel 2

Name and version of song                   Songs from old-style mechanical movements

1) Picnic (Hello)  (Omni)                       1) Entertainer
2) Greensleeves (Omni)                       2) The Band Played On
3) I’m a Little Teapot (Omni)               3) Sailing, Sailing
4) Twinkle, Twinkle (Omni)                 4) Redwing
5) Cuckoo Waltz (Omni)                      5) Camptown Races
6) Home on the Range (Digital I)        6) Little Brown Jug
7)Get Together (Omni)                        7) Pop Goes the Weasel
8) Fur Elise (Omni)                               8) Waltzing Matilda
9) Sailing, Sailing (Digital II)                9) Danny Boy
10) Little Brown Jug (Digital II)           10) Cielito Lindo
11) Redwing (Digital II)                       11) Yankee Doodle Dandy
12) Camptown Races (Digital II)        12) Cuckoo Waltz
13) Entertainer (Digital II)                   13) Merry Oldsmobile
14) La Cucaracha (Digital II)               14) Yankee Doodle
15) London Bridges (Omni II)             15) Daisy (Bicycle Built for Two)
16) Brahm’s Lullaby (Digital II)           16) O Donna Clara

A steel case and zinc front plate, as well as sturdy aluminum knobs and selector switches which make the music box a rugged product for long-term use and dependability in the field.  The unit is designed for continuous use.  It will continue to play the song selected until the switch is manually turned to another of the 32 songs (divided between channel one and two).
An adjustable, internal volume limiter, can be used to allow compliance with local noise ordinances.  The default factory setting is at the highest volume.  Speaker connection wires are included with the purchase.  Speakers are sold separately.

Technical Information for the OMNI 2 Music Box:

  • Designed for use with 12-volt negative ground electrical systems only
  • 5 watts, 8 ohms
  • Measures 6"x 3"x 2.5", weighs 2 pounds
  • Brackets for mounting are built into the case and can be reversed if necessary
  • Each tune plays 20-30 seconds of melody and then repeats continually, with little or no delay
  • Built-in speaker jack located on the rear of the music box.  Speaker cord is included
  • Speco’s  SPC-15R speaker/horn is ideal for this use. Any 8 or 4-ohm speaker/horn can be used.

The Omni 2 unit is designed to be virtually maintenance free. Consequently, it contains no moving or user serviceable parts within. Like all electronic equipment, it is sensitive to moisture. Special care must be taken when washing the vehicle to ensure that water does not enter the chime unit.