MARK IV - Programmable Electronic Digital Music Box

MARK IV Music Box

The Mark IV is a single-song music box.  It is an all-electronic music box which contains CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMMING of up to 59 seconds of music.  There are two options to choose from: 

Option One:  Provide Nichols Electronics with your own music for programming by providing us with an electronic version of your song.  The recording of your music selection is made in our shop and can be changed at a later date for a nominal fee. Contact us to discuss this option before sending music.


Option Two:  Select one song from Nichols Electronics own library of tunes.  Much of the music from the older style "Swiss Chime" music boxes is available for programming on the Mark IV. Some of the available songs are:



This music box includes a "Delay" control knob.  It allows the operator to select a short break or delay between the replay of the tune chosen.  The delay runs from a minimum of no delay to a maximum of 30 seconds' delay time.


Technical Information for the Mark IV Music Box:


  • Designed for use with 12 volt negative ground electrical systems only.
  • 5 watts, 8 ohms
  • Measures 6"x3"x2.5", weighs 2 pounds
  • Brackets for mounting are built in to the case and can be reversed if necessary.
  • Each tune plays 20-30 seconds of melody and then repeats continually, with little or no delay.
  • Built in speaker jack located on the rear of the music box.  Speaker cord is included.
  • Any 8 or 4 ohm speaker/horn can be used.  The Speco SPC-15R is ideal for this use.

Call to order: (952) 884-2212