Troubleshooting Music Boxes

The following models may not be possible to repair, depending upon the problem:

OMNI - 32-song music box which was discontinued in 2006.  Can often be repaired, unless it needs a replacement of the entire circuit board or music chip.

DIGITAL - (This is NOT the Digital II, however, which is our current model.)  The Digital was a music box with three songs and a warning chime. Discontinued in 1993.  It is difficult to repair these old units due to lack of parts and age of units.

MARK II  - Single-song music box. We have a very limited supply of the music works which were used in these units.    

MARK III  - In 1994 this model was introduced.  It was a single song unit with a yellow module containing the music.  Those modules are no longer available.

MARK IV - In 2010, the circuit board for this current model was completely replaced.  If the model is pre-2010, repairs are possible, unless the unit needs new circuit board.  In that case, a new unit will be necessary.

MODEL 1800 - Discontinued in 1985.  The front had a brown, woodgrain appearance. These cannot be repaired.