Complete installation instructions are provided at the time of purchase and be found by clicking here.  


The most common repair problem we see, is due to a grounding problem that causes the music box to play intermittently or to make no sound at all.  This can occur at  the time of installation, or years later, for no obvious reason. 

Regardless, before sending in for repair, you should exhaust efforts to obtain a good solid ground connection.  

If the chime unit is not adequately grounded, at the time of installation, it will not function properly.  The mounting screws (not included) will effectively ground the chime unit when screwed into any metal surface of the vehicle that is also connected to the vehicle chassis.

However, if the chime unit is to be mounted to a non-metallic surface or temporarily installed, such as in a glove box, it is then necessary to attach a “jumper wire” (not included).  Attach the jumper wire to the screw on the back of the case and connect the other end to a suitable ground.  The “ground” can be any metal part of the vehicle that contacts the chassis.

Try swapping out a different speaker or another Nichols’ music box to see if the problem still persists.  Or try the same music box in another vehicle.


The chime unit includes a red power wire (electrical lead wire) which extends from the back of the case. Connect the red wire to any 12-volt positive source.  This can be to a fuse block, ignition switch or a wire coming from the positive (red) post of the vehicle’s battery.

The chime unit is designed for use on 12-Volt, negative ground, electrical systems only. Do not connect it to positive ground systems because the unit will not operate. Most American made (and foreign) cars and trucks built since 1956 have negative ground systems, but if in doubt, check with your dealer.


You will rarely encounter a blown fuse. If you need to check the fuse, remove the case from the music box by unscrewing the small screw on the back.  Carefully remove the small fuse and examine it to see if the circuit has been blown.  If so, you can replace this with a fuse from any auto supply store.  Replace with nothing larger than a 2 amp fuse.


This is most often due to a defective speaker or poor speaker connection. Double check your equipment and connections. If the grounding seems to be adequate and the speaker and connection is good, you may need to send it to us for repair.

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