Installation Instructions


 Step One-Mounting and Placement

Use the mounting brackets on the case to secure the chime to any handy mounting position under the dash or on the firewall. The mounting brackets can be reversed if desired.  To do so, remove the case screw from the back of the unit.  Gently remove the case from the chime unit and rotate the case so that the mounting brackets will now be on the bottom of the unit.  Reinsert the chime unit and the case screw.

Step Two- Grounding

If the chime unit is not properly grounded at the time of installation, it will not function properly.  The mounting screws (not included) will effectively ground the chime unit when screwed into any metal surface of the vehicle that is also connected to the vehicle chassis.

However, if the chime unit is to be mounted to a non-metallic surface or temporarily installed, such as in a glove box, it is then necessary to attach a “jumper wire” (not included). Attach the jumper wire to the screw on the back of the case and connect the other end to a suitable ground.  The ground can be any metal part of the vehicle that contacts the chassis.

Step Three-Power

The chime unit includes a red power wire (electrical lead wire) which extends from the back of the case. Connect the red wire to any 12-volt positive source.  This can be to a fuse block, ignition switch or a wire coming from the positive (red) post of the vehicle’s battery.

The chime unit is designed for use on 12-Volt negative ground electrical systems only. Do not connect it to positive ground systems because the unit will not operate. Most American made (and foreign) cars and trucks built since 1956 have negative ground systems, but if in doubt, check with your dealer.

Step Four-Speaker Cords (Included)

A six foot speaker cord with jack connection is included with each chime unit.  If additional speaker cord is necessary for your installation, ordinary household lamp cord can be used to extend the speaker wires.  It is good policy to solder all connections, but solderless connectors/wire nuts (not included) may be used if properly secured.  Plug the speaker wire (included) into the jack located on the rear of the chime unit.

Step Five-Speaker (Purchased Separately)

The Speco SPC-15R is the speaker most frequently utilized by our customers. It has a 25W max power rating with 8 ohms.  However, any 8 or 4 ohm horn type, weatherproof, public address speaker can be used with the chime unit.    

Mount the speaker in any convenient location. Using the speaker wire (included) connect the loose wire end of the speaker wire to the speaker.  The other end of the wire with the jack, plugs into the back of the chime unit.  The chime unit is now ready to operate.  Turn on the power switch and set the volume control to the desired level.  If the unit is not operating, go back and check your connections.  Making certain that the grounding is adequate.   

If 2 speakers are to be connected to the chime unit in parallel, they should both be of 8 ohm's impedance, as the total load should not be less than 4 ohms.

The Nichols music box units generate music by electronic synthesis and the unit is designed to be virtually maintenance free. Consequently it contains no moving or user serviceable parts within.  Like all electronic equipment it is sensitive to moisture.  Special care must be taken when washing the vehicle to ensure that water does not enter the chime unit.

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