About Nichols Electronics Co.

About Nichols Electronics

Established 1957 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nichols Electronics Co. is the leading manufacturer of electronic music boxes for ice cream trucks in the United States.

It has always been our goal to produce the highest quality music box for the best possible price. We feel the quality of our product speaks for itself, and judging by our customer loyalty, our customers seem to agree.

Since 1985, Nichols Electronics Co. has been a member of the International Association of Ice Cream Distributors & Vendors (IAICV). This organization has been bringing ice cream vendors, large and small, together for over 35 years. Its purpose is the education and communication of responsible and ethical practices in the ice cream vending industry. For more information about this organization, go to iaicv.org or call them at (215) 564-3484.

Nichols Electronics Company manufactures electronic music chime equipment for ice cream street vending operators that provide ice cream novelty or soft serve ice cream to their customers. Our music boxes are ideal for street vending operations. 

Ice cream vending is a very competitive business.  You need to be heard above the background noise whether it be an urban setting or the country.  Playing music from a quality made music box will announce your presence to your customers. The distinctive sound of our music boxes is immediately recognizable by people of all ages.

The sound and songs used in our music boxes are widely known throughout the country, and indeed the world.  Customers who hear that sound know immediately that you are vending.  Equip your ice cream trucks with a Nichols music box and move more product!

Our music boxes are built to last and remain operating in the field for many, many years.  Even so, many of our customers choose to purchase a spare or back up music box unit.  Losing a day of sales because your music box is not functioning can cost much more than the cost of a new music box unit. So, fire up that music box, move some product and meet your sales goals.